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Name BitLife
Package com.candywriter.bitlife
Publisher Candywriter, Llc
Version 3.6.1
Size 157 MB
Requires Android Android 4.4
MOD Features Everything Unlocked
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    About BitLife MOD

    BitLife MOD is a gripping advanced life simulator available on various online platforms. The theme of the game is designed to be interactive, so every decision that is taken directly affects how your character will behave in the future. You will have the option to choose the gender and name of the character you must follow for the duration of his or her life at the start of the story. Experience the plot and assist your character in resolving all the issues they may encounter at work, in school, or in a relationship with someone. BitLife MOD apk allows you to design an individual who must be successful in most of the life aspects.

    It is a lengthy process of transitioning from birth to death. BitLife splits a person’s life into numerous situations by generating each step. That includes making both silly and wise decisions just like in reality. Even if something is bad, no one will prevent you from doing it. If you have made up your mind regarding that, be equally prepared for the repercussions as well.You can try another similar game called WorldBox and Farming Simulator 20. Still a story of human life, but expressed in a different way … Each player in the game BitLife MOD apk has a distinct life path.


    BitLife, which alongside making positive habits, is also a basic representation of our daily life. You may track a character’s health, IQ, personality, and happiness once you’ve designed them. What matters most to you? If you are only going to concentrate over one thing, it’s hard to live perfectly, but if you want all four aforementioned, your decisions will be different. It is impossible to lead a flawless life without making errors. You will only make no mistake only if you sit idly doing nothing. However, it is always important to take due lessons from individual cases that appear before you.


    You should indeed agree to work in BitLife – Life Simulator MOD apk, but you what’s most important is you also need to understand how to manage your money effectively. Whatever your identity may be, you must have sound financial management skills. Investing money into property sector, getting a dream card, starting a new business, or playing at a club. Your actions today impact and determine how your future would be. On the menu bar, you will find a Assets section where you may manage your resources.

    Numerous people from opposite gender will approach you once you are a highly esteemed professional or you are aged enough to start dating. You’ll get married to that girl later on. You shall, however, have to not compromise on your family’s happiness. Although not all households enjoy harmony. Even after you get married, as in real world, some girls are still going to approach you to flirt. But remember that making the choice to be loyal to your family or to have an affair takes many paths. Thus, you should be very careful.


    • Always be watchful of your health. Drink, take in healthy foods and exercise to keep yourself smart and focused.
    • Develop good manners and interact with others cheerfully.
    • Parents are everything. Don’t hurt them in any way. Try to make them as much happy and proud as you can.

    Final Words

    If you wish to make your life more enjoyable than it ever has been, it goes without saying that the gap left now can be fulfilled by an enthralling application in the form of BitLife MOD apk. All you got to do is install it on your device and it’s all set. Our website offers you the best of the best versions out there of the game free of cost.

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