SimCity BuildIt

App NameSimCity BuildIt
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequireAndroid 4.1
Updated onJanuary 13, 2023
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Are you someone who is seriously interested in buildings, architecture and loves to manage thrilling projects? If yes, then you are at the right station. We have come up with an application that perfectly matches your taste.

SimCity BuildIt as the name suggests is a game related to building an area from scratch to a fully functional and developed city with all the facilities at its disposal. It was first launched in January 2003 by Maxis, an EA subsidiary. Over the years, its popularity multiplied by staggering amount and it managed to bag few accolades as well. BitLife is also a simulation game splits a person’s life into numerous situations by generating each step.


Gameplay SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt casts players in the position of a mayor who must populate and grow large areas of land into cities while attending to the demands of other Sims who dwell in the cities, as in previous SimCity games. Nowadays, cities are found in regions that can be extended into separate sectors. There are three different area sizes in which the player can choose to establish the city. In terms of actual measurements, the smallest is one kilometer in length and the longest is four kilometers. Each region comes with a bitmap file that allows you to customize the size and segmentation of each region.)

Modes of Game

When you are done choosing a particular area, it leads to the distribution of game in 3 modes namely mayor mode, god mode and MySim mode. Although SimCity and mayor mode appear Once you have ESTABLISHED the city, the god mode is available in its entirety.)

God Mode

The SimCity BuildIt landscape can freely be modified in this mode without the need for mods. The ground can be made higher or lower by the user via hills, mountains, valleys, and canyons. There are various choices for levelling and sandblasting the surface.

Mayor mode

Among three modes accessible in SimCity BuildIt City View is Mayor Mode. Along with tools for city development, this toolbar also includes scaled-down renditions of certain God Mode tools. The Mayor Mode Panel, another feature of Mayor Mode, has tools for viewing and gathering information regarding the city.

MySim mode

In SimCity BuildIt, the MySim mode enables players to communicate directly with the Sims living in their city. The mode has three primary characteristics: The player has two options when playing in U-Drive-it mode: they can either free-drive specific vehicles throughout town or attempt U-Drive-it Missions, which can have a favourable or negative impact on the Mayor Rating.)


Just like most of its features, SimCity BuildIt has also evolved when it comes to the graphics of the application. Gone are the days when you used to watch 2D graphics processing in front of your eyes. SimCity now has 3D graphics and visuals to show under its belt which is truly a game-changer when we compare it to the previous versions.


In the background, game is able to run music for 3 hours straight in the format of mp3. Players can listen both the inbuilt music and as well as the music of their own.

Other Features

  • Watch the cities cooperate and contend for resources as you stitch together a mosaic of cities connected by a fully functional transport system.
  • Construct a city as monumental as it can get by providing all the facilities that generally exist from colleges, universities, sports arenas, hospitals and much more  to your citizens. Make them fall in love with the best architecture. That’s what a diligent mayor does, isn’t it?
  • Understand the city’s pattern, from the chaos of rush hour to the leisurely cruise, from the crowds at noon to the serenity at night. Get all the insights required to develop it into your dream city.
  • Download and enjoy!