App NameTextPlus
Package Namecom.gogii.textplus
MOD FeaturesPremium, Unlimited Minutes
Require6.0 and up
Updated onMay 23, 2023

TextPlus is an innovative messaging and calling app that revolutionizes communication by allowing users to send messages and make calls across the globe using their phone numbers, including America and Canada. Experience the convenience of staying connected with your loved ones worldwide without exorbitant costs. Download TextPlus Mod Apk and unlock unlimited minutes to enjoy free calling and messaging around the world.

The Challenge of Premium Countries Communicating through calls and messages in premium countries like Canada, the UK, and the USA can be a costly affair. The expenses associated with long-distance calling are often unaffordable. Fortunately, tools like TextPlus Premium Apk provide a solution by offering these services for free.

Free vs. Premium Versions TextPlus offers two versions: free and premium. The free version allows users to access a limited number of free minutes, while the premium version provides unlimited usage. To enjoy the benefits of the premium version at no cost, you can download the Premium mod from Mobapks.com. This mod version unlocks all the premium features, including unlimited calls and texts.

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1. Free: Embrace Cost-Free Communication Utilize TextPlus without any financial burden. The application is completely free to use, allowing you to connect with others without spending a single penny. However, an enticing premium version is also available for unlimited usage. To access the premium version for free, simply download TextPlus Mod Apk.

2. Send Unlimited Texts With TextPlus Mod Apk, you can now send messages without limitations. Bid farewell to purchasing message packs from other companies to communicate with international contacts. Utilize tools like TextPlus Mod Apk and WhatsMock Pro to save your hard-earned money.

3. Group Texting Engage in group conversations with the group texting feature offered by TextPlus. Simply add your friends from your contact list and create a group. Share videos, audio files, and pictures within the group, similar to popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

4. Free Calling Enjoy unlimited calling across the globe without incurring additional charges. With TextPlus Mod Apk, you can make calls for an extended duration without the need to purchase additional services. Experience the freedom of making long-distance calls without any financial constraints.

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5. History Easily access your calling and texting history whenever needed. TextPlus Mod Apk securely saves all your call and text records on the cloud, allowing you to retrieve them with a single click. This remarkable feature enhances your user experience and facilitates seamless communication management.


If you are seeking an efficient tool to connect with friends and family worldwide, TextPlus is the ideal messaging and calling app for you. This application is currently available exclusively for Android users. However, there is a possibility that the developer may release an iOS version for iPhone users in the future.

Additionally, you can have some fun with TextPlus by utilizing it for pranks or playful purposes. Send bulk messages to friends and bring a smile to their faces or play harmless tricks, similar to the functionalities of Bombitup and Indycall.

Embrace the power of communication with TextPlus, the ultimate messaging and calling app. Stay connected with your loved ones across the globe and enjoy the freedom of unlimited communication.

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