YouTube Pink

App NameYouTube Pink
PublisherGoogle LLC
MOD FeaturesNo
Require4.4 & Above
Updated onJanuary 11, 2023
CategoryVideo Players
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Are you tired of constantly watching those irritating ads on YouTube? Or the question that why on earth do the videos not run in background when that should’ve been a priority?

Well it seems like your wishes have finally been addressed, Pink YouTube has arrived for your rescue and to overcome all the limitations.

Pink YouTube is a modified version of YouTube that offers exactly what had been missing in the original edition. All the essential features it lacked no longer remain unfulfilled or unmet with the help of this great modification. Now, you can watch the videos without being interrupted and get them running in background at the same time.You may also like Spotify is a modified version of the official Spotify Android application.

Features Highlights

The main highlights of this software are mentioned down below.


As the name suggests, the application is all pinkish right from top to bottom. Designed so, the special theme makes it look beautiful as well as attractive to most.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode having affirmed its place as user-friendly among the lot is given the right consideration here too. You can easily switch for the dark mode for a change in taste. It goes light on the eyes and is less troublesome.

Run Videos In Background

Let’s move to the best feature of this premium modification. You have assumed it right, you can now play videos even in background on Pink Youtube and can continue to carry out the rest of your tasks at the same time. And guess what, you’re getting this GOLD absolutely free of cost through this website.


At times when you get annoyed by the brightness of your screen, you can just set it straight by sliding the video screen.

Restrictions Don’t Exist

Unlike the original YouTube which restricts and limits some of its content, Pink YouTube offers a restriction-less environment no matter what age group or country you belong to. So basically, IT’S FOR ALL which is a fair point.

No Ads

Ads, as everyone knows, are a source of income for creators on YouTube. However they’re tolerable as long as they don’t wreck the user experience which is opposite the case with YouTube. In that regard, Pink YouTube has come up with a decisive feature of no ads in its modification so that you can have fun.

Replaying Videos

Every time a video finishes on YouTube, you have to tap the repeat option yourself in case you’re not done enjoying it and have to do it again and again. Pink Youtube, on the other hand, provides the choice to replay your videos and it keeps auto playing it until you cancel it.

Watch On TV

It has the option that lets you enjoy YouTube on your TV if your TV and mobile phone have the same wifi network.

Extra Features

  • Limits usage of mobile data.
  • Minor bugs are fixed.
  • Everything is unlimited and unlocked and free.

System Requirements

  • In order to download Pink YouTube, your machine must fulfill the basic requirements so that it runs well and smoothly.
  • It should at least have a RAM of 3GB or more, octa core process of 1.8Ghz, storage above 45MB and operating system of Android 4.4 for efficient performance.


There are loads of features on this software that you can enjoy and tons of others you can stop worrying about. However, that is only going to happen once you download the premium free of cost version. Since we want you to have the best in everything, we suggest you to download it so you can start an unforgettable journey of fun and enjoyment together with your friends and family if you like.

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